Tuesday, 20 September 2016


This phrase usually trails any regret for not succeeding in any endavour that an individual has embarked on. For instance, educational pursuit. Let me start by seeking your views about the phrase. Do you think it can be avoided by an individual? Let me hear your views. As an individual, I feel that the phrase would only come to an individual who does not do what he is supposed to do at the right time he or she is supposed to do it. We have discussed a lot of things on this blog that would help you as a student to really face your studies squarely in other not to have any regrets at the end of your stay here in CDL. I know you would do so. Check out the last post on this blog and truly follow what is said there. I promise you your being in CDL will worth its while at the end of your studies here.
You can always rely on the counsellors to assist you with any challenge that may want to hinder you from succeeding. Take care.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016



A stitch in time, they say, saves nine. In any activity one has set out to do, it is possible for one to monitor whether one is achieving or failing. Achievement is not a one time thing it comes through incremental effort and steady progression. As you have started this session, The counselling unit is encouraging you to set your achievement clock. That is, try on daily basis to check the activities you carried out that are closely connected to your academic pursuit. You need to time yourself everyday. Never you go to bed everyday without asking yourself what you have done towards achieving your academic goal. Set your achievement clock; promise yourself  that no day shall pass by without you accomplishing at least one assignment towards your success in your academics. The activities include:

  • Checking the LMS to see if you have any assignment or task to be done
  • Browsing the Net to get more materials on the courses you are offering
  • Reading at least a study session from one of your courses
  • Noting down gray areas in your modules which will form part of your discussions with your facilitators
  • Doing your assignments to meet up submission deadlines.
  • Practicing with past questions on the courses you are offering for the session
  • Joining a study group ( it is advisable not to be more than 5 members in a group)
  • Having general positive attitude and disposition towards your academic pursuit.