Monday, 17 August 2015


Below comprises the useful information that will help you study successfully as a student of UniAbuja CDLCE:
  1. Complete the Applicants Induction Course Provided on Learning Management System.
  2. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR. Check the CDLCE Website For Faculty/Staff Directory phone and/or email address.
  3. Understand the requirements and deadlines for your course.
  4. Break tasks into manageable parts.
  5. Make time to your assigned work!
  6. Carefully read the textbook(s) and answer any study questions provided.
  7. Complete all tutorials with the texts. You may not be asked to hand these in, but they will help you learn the material.
  8. Complete any assignments in a neat and orderly manner.
  9. Keep copies of all materials submitted for grading!
  10. If you are having problems, do NOT wait to request help. The longer you wait the bigger the problem becomes!
  11. Use tutorials, textbook websites, and other campus support services.
  12. The first person to contact is your instructor.  If they cannot answer your question, they can direct you to someone who can.
  13. Study all course content the instructor has available for you.  They will test you on both the textbook and online content.
  14. Allocate at least the same amount of time each week for an online course as you would for a campus course.
  15. Make contacts among fellow students, forming study groups if possible or preferable.
  16. Read your lesson the first day it is available. If you have any questions, contact your instructor immediately.
  17. Read the course introduction/syllabus for your online class carefully to find out how you should ask questions
  18. Keep a copy of all correspondence you send to your instructor. You may want to "cc" yourself. That way you will know that the mail is being delivered
  19. Get a list of course materials from the instructor and read carefully for details.

     ==============>>Explore UniAbuja CDLCE Virtual Library Resources
     ==============>>Buy textbooks and other required items.
     ==============>>You can order textbooks and software online.
   20.  Create a schedule with:
     ==============>>All of your Instructor's Due Dates
    ==============>>Your own deadlines and activities that you set for yourself

I wish you all best of luck
Thank You

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