Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I will be exploring basic strategies you could follow in becoming excellent independent learner as this is needed of us to study efficiently in CDLCE UniAbuja
  1. Be a too-busy-host for your brain. Always engage your brain and body possibly throughout the day with reasonable activities.
  2. Avoid any possible distraction at the start and during your self-study. Switch off your phone, messenger and avoid connecting possibly to any other cyber-distractors you use
  3. You need to pay attention to cogent meanings and terms in your reading content. In other words, you should be an excellent active reader
  4. On all you have studied or may study, you need to imbibe an act of self-study for a considerable period of time. Always endeavor reading for a long period of time and necessarily in a slow pace.
  5. Learn reading first at a fast pace and coming back to read at a very slow pace what you have read before.
  6. When you encounter a challenge on a particular topic or concept, you need not give-up, just pause for a while and come back to it until you understand it.
  7. You really need not see yourself a know-all machine, seek necessary assistance and help when it is important. Explore various support service solutions that have been put in place for you at CDLCE UniAbuja
  8. You are the manager of your own time while learning. You should therefore be a good time-manager through discipline and diligence. Set aside every distraction that may hold your study fruitless.
  9. Learn how to break bogus concepts or topics to pieces or smaller fractions. Work on these smaller pieces one after the other and before you know it, you are good to go understanding the seemingly bogus concepts.
  10. You should also secure a study partner who easily can be contacted for collaboration physically or virtually. When cases of challenges arise in your study, just engage such in discussion to make way for solution.
  11. Important factor you should also note is to state clearly the goals of your readings even before the start. Read through the study objectives, outcomes or expectations and follow through to achieve at the end of the study.
  12. If you realize you are not too good an independent learner, try initiate studying with a friend either physically or virtually. Provisions are made for all these on your learning management system and other customized learning environments.